Happy Thanksgiving Day Everyone

Everything in life has to be in balance for it to function at its optimal level. If we eat too much we become overweight; if we overspend we get into debt. In fact this whole recession is due to the greed of a few who have upset the apple cart, so to speak, and the rest of us will now have to pay the price.
Life is really an art in creating balance and having enough food, enough sleep, enough play and enough love. At heart we are simple creatures that want peace of mind and a heart filled with positive energy.
Since the beginning of time, man has searched for the Center of Effort. The compass is based on the same principle. It was man’s guiding instrument, but over the centuries we have become less connected with ourselves. Everything in modern life seems to throw us off center. In fact, this economic mess that surrounds us is more reason than ever to get our lives in sync and start putting our inner energies to effective use.


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