Justice is only a concept until all that keeps us from it is confronted, resisted and dismantled. Continually. Consistently. Perpetually. Justice comes to those who fight for it. And never stop fighting for it. Because justice has enemies that never, ever sleep.

Seeking justice is soul work. The soul knows what is eternally important. The soul knows that the rewards of seeking justice far outweigh the risks. The soul knows that this life is not to be lived for ourselves alone, but for all who fought before us, all who live it with us and all to come after us.

If we choose to drift into a false sense of security now, if we normalize what is currently taking place, if we choose our own safety over the safety of everyone under the sun, we are leveraging the lives of others for our own comfort. Our souls know this and our souls know that this will never bring us peace. Our souls know that we will be haunted to our deathbed and beyond if we fail to rise up to this moment and refuse the evils of it.

Pretty words won’t help us out of this hole we have dug ourselves into. Clinging to flimsy ideologies of oneness won’t either. Extolling thin, unsubstantial, uncritical spiritual truisms that only lull us into complacency at a moment of crisis, such as this, will only make our current situation worse. What we need now is a faith that can see us through hell and back. A faith that isn’t afraid to get dirty. A faith that demands we look deep into ourselves and get very clear about who we are and who we wish to be. #JUSTICE


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